May 27, 2022

Manor Lords Announcement Trailer

Manor Lords has been announced, and, from everything we’ve seen from the trailer, it looks beautiful! Solo developer, Slavic Magic has done an amazing job. Surely, some Slavic Magic has been used to make it look THIS good

Manor Lords presents an new Medieval Battle RTS

Manor Lords, an upcoming RTS for PC with city building and medieval battlefront, has recently been announced.

The game features a focus on deep, organic experiences bathed in realism. It’s been built using the Unreal Engine, and we must say it certainly looks pretty.

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Realism is King

Created by a solo developer, Slavic Magic, the focus here is on building a real medieval town, to run as you see fit. Slavic has ditched the constraints of gridlines and directional placement.

Instead, the studio has gifted the intrepid player with complete freedom to place, rotate and shape their settlements as they please. The focus on the surrounding landscape, and the opportunities they would have provided a real town in the Middle Ages were a key influence on development.

Manor Lords is not set at any one point in time, rather the emphasis is rooted in history. Taking inspiration from 11th to 15th century Europe, oxen must plough your fields. The iron you forge must be bloomed in a bloomery. Your subjects kept loyal under the watchful eye of the Lord of the Manor.

Manor Lords presents a new medieval RTS

Battle Ready

A large part of the gameplay will focus on battle. Again, the emphasis is on full immersion.

This makes the battles feel as real as possible. Seasonal changes in weather, differing formations on the battlefield, and soldier moral all play a part. As will cavalry and fortifications, gunpowder, and trebuchets (of course).

But it is in the graphical fidelity that will surely set Manor Lords apart from many of its predecessors. (The obvious comparisons being Total War and Banished).

Again, realism and immersion are the goals. Extensive motion capture and 3D environmental scanning are core. Slavic Magic has used photogrammetry to replicate real examples of medieval buildings and architecture.

But with destruction simulators applied to these same buildings, we think it will be as much fun looking at them as tearing them down.

The use of Unreal Engine really helps bring to life medieval living

The Return of the RTS

But what of Banished? Will Manor Lords have the same depth of control? Will it have the same brutal environmental effects? Or will it focus more on tangible goals, which was a common criticism of the aforementioned title? It’s hard to say at present. But with the revival of C&C last month, the announcement of Manor Lords perhaps solidifies the reinvigoration of the RTS genre. And that’s something we can really get behind.

Check out the Manor Lords website for more info.

Source: PC Gamer

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