May 28, 2022

Man Forced to Sell PS5 After Wife Catches on

Gather around children and let us regale you with a short story of how one man’s loss was another man’s gain. A story filled with love, deception, triumph, and, of course, a PlayStation 5.$native$

Whilst many of us chuckled at the PlayStation 5’s look [fancy modem, ring binder with a PS2 inside, etc], one company has a product that looks exactly like a PS5.

Unfortunately, this has lead to a weird series of events that ended with a Taiwanese man having to sell his PS5.

We’ll take you back; on 21st November, a Taiwanese Facebook user by the name of “Jin Wu“, noted how he had successfully purchased a PS5. Wu bought the next-gen Sony console from a reseller and rang up to agree on a time to collect it. When Wu rang the seller’s number, a woman answered the phone.

The woman in question didn’t seem to be well-versed in video games. The relatively low price of the console also surprised Wu. It was apparently cheaper than any of the others he had seen advertised.

The woman seemed eager to sell, and, obviously, Wu was willing to buy.

When it came time to collecting, Wu was met by a middle-aged man. Naturally, the pair struck up a conversation. Wu asked where the guy purchased the console from, to which the seller responded PChome, an e-commerce website.

Perplexed still, Wu asked why he was selling it, even going as far as asking “did you buy two?” The seller went silent before responding that his “wife wants to sell it”.

Wu was then told how “it turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air-filter [sic]”.

I mean, when met with this;

It’s a little hard to see how anyone could tell the difference on a cursory glance. Actually, which one is the PS5?

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