Luigi Found in Mario 64: The Latest from Nintendo Megaleak

Luigi Found in Mario 64: The Latest from Nintendo Megaleak

Another day, another leak of original source code from the Pikachu-pitching Japanese mega-developer Nintendo. It seems this time around, the focus is squarely on the Nintendo 64.

Clearly, the internet at large can’t help but delve it’s grubby little paws right on in. Perhaps there is some hope of extracting some forgotten secret, some lost treasure. A pixelated smash-and-grab if you will. A veritable heist from halcyon days of consoles old.

This time, the spotlight falls on the other brother; Luigi. So it seems that green Mario, known affectionately as “Luigi” might once have featured in Mario 64.

This has been the second “Megaleak” extracted from Nintendo in just one week. The most recent of these adding just over 10GBs of data to a stash now exceeding 2 terabytes.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2

We have included a screengrab of the content below, which clearly shows a number of N64 classics, including; 1080 Snowboarding, Mario 64, Wave Racer 64, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to name a selection. A little less excepting, perhaps, is the curious inclusion of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2.

The leak also appears to include the original source code for the N64. This will no doubt appeal to the modding and emulation community alike. Possible too, that this could well influence the next wave of indie games, pleasingly favouring pixel art as of late. Perhaps we will see a glut of 2.5D side-scrollers coming our way soon.

It’s a-Me, Green Mario!

Returning to our green deuteragonist; there are reports of code found relating to “Ultra Mario Brothers 64” in the leak. This includes a sub-folder labelled “Luigi Hierarchy Data Module”. This, of course, suggests that this game would likely have included Lugi as a playable character. It even hints at a once mooted 2 player mode, following its popular inclusion in previous titles.

It seems likely that “Ultra Mario Brothers 64” was simply a working title for the game that defined the N64’s launch. But given the code is now in the eager hands of nostalgic coders keen to recapture their misspent youth, we may well see this original manifestation appear on 4chan sometime in the near future.

What Makes a Masterpiece?

Similar to the previous leaks, the data available is partial, providing insight into original ideas held by the development teams at a point in time. Prototypes that precede the finished, polished product we all know and love.

But it is surely this trail of breadcrumbs that has captured the imagination of so many. Each intrepid online explorer clearly hoping to find the next big piece in the puzzle unpicking the very workings of Nintendo’s hive mind ultimately leading to the creation of some of the best games ever made.

Alas, it seems that the most likely candidate for revealing the leaks has now been arrested. However, here at ABG, we think it unlikely that this is the last you will hear of this tale. The interest is mounting to unpick the partial code, and who knows what latent treasure is yet waiting to be discovered?

Ready, Player Two

Considering Nintendo’s lack of news on future releases, you would be forgiven for speculating that this was a deliberate move on their part to set in motion this colossal console treasure hunt, something straight of Ernest Clines’ exceptional Ready Player One.

Whatever the reason, who is responsible for the leaks is all but moot. A little longer in the tooth than I’d like to admit, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a trip down memory lane. I can still hear Epona’s song if I listen very, very carefully.

Whether this is a PR-Luigi-hunt stunt or the work of a single fearless individual, the internet is hungry for more and its dinner time at Luigi Mansion.

Source: Switcher

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