Lucid Tales Announces Sally at 2021’s E3 Event

Lucid Tales Announces Sally at 2021’s E3 Event

Lucid Tales have announced they are developing a new game titled Sally.

In Sally, you embark on a flying transport ship to guide passengers to their destination. To ensure the ship’s success, you’ll have to craft items, produce food, take care of other crewmates, maintain the ship, and discover new ways to improve the travel experience.

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Sally is the name of the airship. You play a young child, who shares the airship with other children. These children make up the crew. The ship is captained by two grandmothers, Alice and Beatrix, seen in the trailer in front of a blackboard containing daily tasks for the children.

Working on the ship will involve crafting items, making food, looking after your fellow crewmates, and maintaining and improving the ship.

I cannot deny it, to me this game shows possible influences from Spiritfarer. My favourite game from 2020 and Stardew Valley. You can bet your bottom dollar, that I shall be eagerly looking for any further updates on this game. Stay tuned folks.

Sources: PCGamer

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