Lost In Random is Out Now – Winner of Best Indie Game 2021

Lost In Random is Out Now – Winner of Best Indie Game 2021

For those not aware last month during Gamescon 2021 Lost in Random won the Best Indie Game Award.

But what is the game all about? To win an award before it is out on general release it must be quite something?

Allow me to elaborate a little on what the game entails. The game is developed by Zoink and published by Electronic Arts.

The Story

There is a mad Queen who controls a black dice (or should that be die)? On every child’s twelve birthday they must roll said die. This determines which realm in Random they belong to. Which in turn determines their fate for all eternity. No pressure there then!

Roll a one and the child would be sent to Onecroft, destined to live a life of struggle. A three and you will land in Threedom, a chaotic realm destroyed by civil war. Roll a six, and they would live a life of luxury in the Queen’s dark palace. Or so it was told…

One day, two devoted sisters from Onecroft named Even and Odd, were cruelly separated by a throw of the dice. For on Odd’s twelfth birthday, she rolled a six. How marvellous! Despite this seemingly fortuitous news, Even was heartbroken at the loss of her sister.

Just one year after her sister was taken, Even received a strange signal. Was Odd in danger? Determined to find out, she followed the signal to a mysterious place – the Valley of Dice

There, Even discovered something that had been forbidden to the citizens of Random for as long as time could remember – a living, breathing dice. Despite the danger of being caught with such a companion, Even decided to make the charming creature her own, naming him….. Dicey!

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But, to Even’s surprise, beneath Dicey’s gentle exterior was the power to alter the world around them and even time itself, triggering a fantastical adventure that would take them across all six realms of Random. Along the way they would meet many strange citizens, embark on courageous quests, and battle disturbing enemies in their mission to uncover a dark and twisted secret.


In Random, combat is all about playing the odds. Build energy and give Dicey a roll. Then adapt your strategy on the fly as you battle across evolving giant game board arenas.

Collect cards along your journey to build a formidable deck. Each card contains new attacks, abilities, and more. Learn when to unleash them for maximum effect or combine cards for powerful combos.

The game is now out for you to play, so you can make up your own minds as to whether it deserves such a prestigious award. It is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Source: EA

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