May 23, 2022

Lord Sugar May Be Buying What You Have Tucked Away in Your Attic.

Today, Lord Sugar may be buying what you have tucked away in your attic. Read on to find out why.

A Brief History of Amstrad

Sugar founded Amstrad ( Alan Michael Sugar Trading) in 1968. The company began as a general importer/exporter and wholesaler but soon specialized in consumer electronics. By 1970, the first manufacturing venture was underway.

1985 saw the extremely popular Amstrad PCW range introduced. It was mainly a word processor but it was capable of running the CP/M operating system.

1986 Amstrad bought the rights to manufacture & sell Sinclair computer products from Sinclair Research. Soon after that, Amstrad launched the ZX Spectrum +2 and the ZX Spectrum +3. The former had a built-in a tape drive and the latter a built-in floppy disk drive which used the 3-inch disks that many Amstrad machines used.

In 1990 Amstrad entered the video game console market with the GX4000, but it was a commercial failure as it used 8-bit technology unlike the 16-bit Sega Mega drive & Super Nintendo, which were both out in the market.

So What Does Sugar Plan To Do?

Fast forward to today and Lord Sugar (as he is now known) was on Twitter responding to a tweet that he had been sent regarding someone’s grandfather who had bought an Amstrad stereo 50 years ago and a reference to “feeling old”.

Sugar responded with this tweet:

He went on to ask his followers to send in pictures of any old Amstrad products that they might have saying that he was going to establish a museum. Sugar has previously spoken about his intent to open an Amstrad museum in an interview with Retro Gamer

In this interview he says:

“I’m thinking of taking one of my warehouses somewhere and just allocating a space where I can collect all these things and put them nicely on display.”

Could this be a new business plan for the very successful billionaire? He says it’s not. Instead, he intends to use it as a way to preserve the past.

“I won’t be trying to make a business out of it, it will be a personal thing for myself but if Amstrad people want to come and see it, then I’ll make it accessible for them.”

It would appear that Lord Sugar will not be short of supplies for this new museum as Amstrad’s former group technical consultant, Roland Perry and The Centre For Computing History in Cambridge have both offered to help with Sugar’s attempt to preserve the memory of Amstrad.

Source: Games Radar

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