Logitech G Gaming: A Cloud Based Handheld Gaming Console Leaks.

Logitech G Gaming: A Cloud Based Handheld Gaming Console Leaks.

A leak concerning the upcoming Logitech G Gaming Handheld has been revealed by Evan Blass in a now-removed tweet.

At the start of August, Logitech announced a partnership with Tencent to bring cloud gaming to the handheld gaming market. The partnership would bring expertise in hardware of Logitech together with the successful history in software services of Tencent.

Leaked imagery suggests the new handheld will run on Android. And following the launch of the “purpose-built” Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 gaming processor from Qualcomm and Razer, there are assumptions that the console will be powered by this chip given its focus on streaming and cloud gaming.

The design and build of the console suggest heavy inspiration from the Nintendo Switch with the traditional X/Y/B/A button format and positioning of joysticks, D-Pad, and shoulder buttons. The key differences are the positions of the home button and the grips at the back of the device. This will allow for more comfortable handling of the console but may not allow for the ‘flexibility’ you get with a Nintendo Switch.

The leak doesn’t offer any information on cost, release date and specifications but it does allow plenty of chances for Logitech to officially showcase the potential new console.

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