Loggerhead, available to wishlist on Steam, is an 80’s Australia set survival horror

Loggerhead, available to wishlist on Steam, is an 80’s Australia set survival horror

Solo developer Chris Willis AKA Affordable Cat, has launched the store page for their upcoming game Loggerhead on Steam.

Have you ever wanted to relive the glory days of PS1 era survival horror but set in Australia during the 1980’s? Of course you have.

Due for release on PC “Whenever its ready” sometime in 2023. Loggerhead is a gory and gritty survival horror game in the style of the original Resident Evil and similar titles released on the PlayStation 1 in the mid-90’s.

Loggerhead First Trailer

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Welcome to 80’s Australia

Loggerhead offers a nostalgic return to the niche genre but has the unique setting of Australia in the 1980’s. We are pretty sure it will be the first and perhaps only retro horror game with an Australian setting.

Australia has a very self-deprecating attitude when we see our culture on screen. This is commonly known as the “cultural cringe” With Loggerhead we are going to lean uncomfortably into this phenomenon and showcase the pure unfiltered cheesy-ness of 1980’s Australia.

Chris Willis, Affordable Cat

In 1985 the Australian Government closes down the Boggarogga Creek campsite in the wake of a series of brutal murders. Despite the warnings many keen and frugal fishermen continue to visit the campsite despite the closure. When Daryl and Tracey are invited for a weekend camping trip with some friends they soon find themselves stranded and trapped by the horrors of a dark past.

Can they survive the night of horrors or will the Loggerheads hunt them down?

Of course in Australia this turns up!

Clear influences from the genre

Loggerhead merges a number of survival horror tropes together to form the overall structure of the game. Players will be able to choose between two playable characters, each with slightly different stats and alternative endings. Both outdoor and indoor locations can be explored to find the required items/artifacts to progress.

Combat is heavy and gory with a number of varied adversaries to down with the titular Loggerhead acting as the seemingly invincible pursuer, not to mention the deadly creatures that can only inhabit an Australian setting.

It won’t be easy as true to the classics of this genre you need to keep an eye on your supplies – every bullet counts.

Returning to the roots of the survival horror genre Loggerhead remains true to what fans of the early survival horror games love.

Probably yeah. Finger guns will only get you so far.

Growing up my first interactions with games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill on the PlayStation 1 really gripped me. The slower pace and general sense of dread these games filled me with sparked something in my imagination. Making a game in this style has been a lifelong dream of mine.

Chris Willis, Affordable Cat


  • Tank controls
  • Fixed camera angles,
  • Finite resources,
  • Challenging puzzles,
  • Limited saves,
  • Inventory management
  • Terrible voice acting and the odd bad haircut.
  • Unique Australian Setting

The Australian setting offers players a unique series of environments to explore seldom featured in games. The campsite acts as the central area and from there the player will find themselves exploring a Church, Community Hall, Shearing shed and a Pub just to name a few.

The indie horror game scene is well stocked with PS1 era graphic revivals. Where Loggerhead differs is it strives for a straight to VHS B-movie feel.

The only person who has a chance of defeating Homelander.

I want Loggerhead to feel like an old Ozploitation film you would find on VHS tape at a garage sale. Plenty of indie horror games are going for the low-poly PS1 graphics (although I love this) I want Loggerhead to feel more like a bad movie complete with shaky handheld camera work rather than an old game.

Chris Willis, Affordable Cat

Check out Loggerheads on the Steam store and add it to your Wishlist, or I assume the big spider will get you.

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