May 22, 2022

Little Nightmares 3 Will not Come from Tarsier

Little Nightmares 3 but not as you know it

Little Nightmares creator Tarsier Studios have gone on record to IGN that Little Nightmares 2 is the last game in the series. At least from them. However Bandai Namco are “energized” to continue the series.

It is now time for us to embark on a new chapter, create new IPs and explore new worlds


Although Tarsier created and made Little Nightmares and its sequel it does not own the IP. And Namco Bandai are very keen on the idea of more in the series.

“Since we received so much love from fans all around the world with the release of Little Nightmares 2, we feel energised to deliver more content in the future”


So we will most probably be seeing Little Nightmares in some shape or form in the future. But who could take up the mantle of this creepy but inspired game?

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