July 3, 2022

Let Them Come – Xbox One Review

Ah, the joys of a brand new game will always fill any gamer with a mixed bag of emotions ranging from joy, happiness, excitement and sometimes regret. Well, here at Any Button Gaming, we aim to remove the last of those feelings by giving you our latest review. “But what game is it?” I hear you say. Today’s treat for you is the new title ‘Let Them Come’ by Tuatara Games and Versus Evil. How about we jump in and find out a little bit more, hey?

The game is one of those where it sounds like a walk in the park to do, but in reality it’s harder than a lump of metal covered in concrete. You don the role of ‘Rock Gunar’, the epitome of the original bad ass with the scars to prove it. If it moves in any way, this guy knows how to take it down and make it pay. So now we know who we play as, it seems the right time to say what we do; in a nutshell, we kill each and every creature that appears on our screen – sounds easy, don’t you think? It really isn’t. These aliens come at you faster than you know and they’re relentless in trying to kill you first, so to quote the famous phrase, “Kill, Or Be Killed”.

The games layout is perfectly simplistic; you are stationed on the left of the screen behind a mahoosive gun, and your targets will appear from the right side of the screen. It’s nice to see the 2D platform used to it’s best, no need to shoe horn in 3D where it’s not needed. Alien foes will attack you in waves and you simply survive to progress, but as most games go, the further you progress, the harder those blighters are to take down. I saw the first handful of levels as the trial period, so you get used to the controls. Once double figures of waves are reached, then the real fun begins. You’ll encounter aliens that fly in case walking ones are just too easy, ones that spawn others just to mix it up, ones that run to you and explode for that needed dash of adrenaline and, to top it off, some of the hardest bosses I’ve come across.

So now we know the enemy, would you like to know what we have to stop them? – of course you do! We have the biggest, baddest gun ever made. This thing is huge and we know exactly how to use it…things just got serious. The gun controls rock the simplistic beauty of controls, you aim it up and down while firing – the bullets then do the rest. This gun is a thing of beauty though, and needs treated with care and respect. If you spray and pray then you’ll overheat and become vulnerable while it cools down, so aim true and shoot straight. What fun is a gun without customisable mods though? If you like your pyrotechnics, then equip the exploding bullets. If you’re more techy and love zapping, then the electric rounds will be right up your street. Want a faster rate of fire, then pop the mod and hey presto – more rounds per second. Make your gun exactly the way you want it. I found explosive rounds and rapid fire worked for me when I needed to kick alien butt faster. This gun isn’t your only form of defence, you also get a melee weapon of choice too. These range from a basic knife, a bat, throwing knives or a riot shield. My preferred up close weapon was the basic knife, it’s a quick and clean way to get an alien out of your face. I tried the bat and it does an amazing job of cracking skulls but it’s slower to use due to the larger size. My advice is to try them out and use what you find comfortable. Your last piece of defence weaponry is a throwable; you get the choice of various items here, but the best by far is the Molotov. It’s a sexy little bottle that causes fire and pain, kind of a perfect mix when facing aliens that are hell bent on ripping your face off. Again, you should try the other options, but the Molotov is by far the best, trust me on this one.

So now we know who we play as, what we want to kill, how to survive and what tools we have to use, so I think we are about done. HELL NO we are not done, there’s an extra special twist thrown in by the developers just to make it that little bit harder. ‘Let Them Come’ will listen to your chat room when streamed through ‘Twitch’, basically this means your viewers can throw you some rage inducing curve balls. Every enemy has a unique spawn code, so if your viewers are feeling kind, then they can vote for the ones easier to pick off. If your viewers are feeling mischievous, then they can pick the double hard bad guys to really test you metal and your limits. So if you’re a streamer, then be nice to your viewers; they can control how quickly you die while watching you and laughing.


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ABG's Verdict
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


‘Let Them Come’, is one of those titles that is very easy to pick up and play whenever you want to. You can customise your guns and weapons to your taste with a wide choice of gun combinations.

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