LEGO Mario Collaboration Teased – UPDATE: Range of Playsets Revealed

LEGO Mario Collaboration Teased – UPDATE: Range of Playsets Revealed

UPDATE: No sooner had we posted this article then the LEGO Company had revealed what they have up their plumber sleeves!

The LEGO/Super Mario page has the following blurb attached, as well as the playtest trailer seen below:

“Collecting coins, spinning through challenges and completing levels – it’s all part of the new LEGO Super Mario play experience. Designers from Nintendo and the LEGO Group have worked together to bring LEGO Mario to life in a way that completely reimagines the world of physical LEGO building”.
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As you can see from the video, LEGO versions of Shy-Guys, pipes, Koopa Troopas, and even Bowser Jr are all on display. However, most notably about the sets is the connected, electronic displays Mario has. Land on a certain point and Coins or Power-Ups straight from Super Mario can be seen. This makes the playsets act like an ongoing, interactive adventure, which is a nice touch.

The LEGO Super Mario playsets will launch sometime later this year.

Original Article:

This year’s Mario Day (10th March, or, if you want to be all American about it, March 10th – get it, MAR10) featured something out of the ordinary. And we don’t just mean the fact that the Nintendo eShop offered discounts on Mario games.

The LEGO Company and Nintendo have seemingly teamed up to create…well, a LEGO Mario, we assume.

There honestly isn’t much to go on here. Check out the Tweet below:

Sadly (or, thankfully, depending on how you felt about them), Mario missed out on the LEGO Dimensions/Toys-to-Life craze a few years ago. I’m personally still sore that LEGO didn’t commission more Sonic the Hedgehog characters. Alas, everyone’s favourite plumber will have to suffice.

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