Legends of Idleon an Idle MMO Where You Are in Control

Legends of Idleon an Idle MMO Where You Are in Control

Legends of Idleon is a free 2D Idle MMO. In it you build your own guild of unique characters, who all work together to gather resources, craft items, and defeat bosses! Developed by LavaFlame2

At first, you’ll create characters for mining, smithing, and fighting monsters, but as you complete each World, more skills will unlock. Skills such as: fishing, alchemy, construction. These skills give bonuses across all your entire guild! And of course, you’ll be specializing new characters into each of these new skills!

Eventually, you’ll be controlling dozens of characters, all with unique classes, equipment, and abilities that YOU chose! Each one will work while you’re Offline too, so progression never stops!

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With 38 classes and 600+ unique skills, the possible synergies are endless!

With monsters like moonwalking carrots, giant bullfrogs, and prancing coconuts, who knows what crazy things you’ll encounter outside of Town! Maybe you’ll meet a new Quest-Giver, or find a hidden shop, or even discover a secret area with a unique boss!

Legends Of Idleon is out now on PC and Google Play and it is FREE

Source: IdleOn

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