May 22, 2022

Learn About The Combat System In Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima comes out in a matter of days. And to top of the hype, Sony just released a short video explaining just how combat will work.

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Ghost of Tsushima sees Jin Sakai, a disgraced samurai murderizing his enemies, each kill more spectacular than the next. Players will have to choose whether to stick to Jin’s honourable samurai teachings or take the more clandestine approach, thus becoming the actual Ghost of Tsushima.

Here is an excerpt from GamesRadar’s pending review of Ghost of Tsushima:

“By the end, the combat flowed like a dance, I knew just when to throw out a kunai or ignite my sword to deliver fiery death, and learned to dodge attacks like I’d developed Spidey sense. I am not traditionally a fan of nuanced combat, approaching everything like a tank with PMT, but with Ghost of Tsushima, it just flowed and felt right. Not that it was ever easy. True to Sucker Punch’s promise that a few mistakes can leave you crushed by a brute enemy late in the game. Even random encounters require your full attention.”

Do you want to cut your enemies down with precise sword strikes, or use the powers of fear and stealth, as the Ghost, take the Mongols down, one by one? It’s up to you.

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