June 25, 2022

Latest Fallout 76 Update Causes More Woes by Breaking Legendary Armour!

Fallout 76 is back in the news for the wrong reasons again! This time around, the nature of the controversy comes from the latest patch. Update 16, which rolled out earlier this week, brought a new, major flaw to the game.

Some players are saying that, when reloading any weapon, a player’s Legendary armour could break. It apparently doesn’t happen every time, however.

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YouTuber Jas Thompson uploaded a video that shows their equipped armour drops from 519 to 414 following a reload. A Reddit thread has opened the issue up further than just being a simple case of the armour breaks, however.

Redditor Swan990 commented, saying;

“Doesn’t break all armour effects. Doesn’t happen after reloading any gun…


“It’s Unyielding armour for SOME people. Mine was fine. Friends’ was fine. The people it’s happening to are reporting it. And the people it’s not happening to (99% of us) are mostly just annoyed on behalf of the people inflicted. Cause it sucks.

This wasn’t a pure ‘one fix turned into a thousand more!’ situation that the internet troll dweebs want to narrate for us. There are more facts at hand. But I know facts and reality are scary when people just want to feel rage and get attention for whatever reason”.


So, the vast majority of players seem to have had no problems whatsoever. However, for those that have been plagued by the issue, there was no understanding of why the problem occurred. There are no defined criteria that seem to set the bug off.

I Got 76 Problems, But My Armour Breaking Ain’t One

Sadly though, as another Redditor noted, this update was supposed to bring something nice to the game. Redditor Riomaki added;

“…And you know what the worst part of it is? They actually did something nice. They snuck in a teaser quest for Wastelanders. Boom, [a] new area to explore, [a] new mystery to solve. Didn’t even mention it in the patch notes. I feel sympathy for those who worked on that because what should have been a fun little mystery for us to solve was overshadowed by this stupid bug”.


It will be interesting to see if the problem will be rectified in a timely manner, or if more problems unfortunately arise. The main concern is that Fallout 76 is also gearing up for an in-game event this weekend. Hopefully, Bethesda can still turn things around and make a No Man’s Sky-esque revival of Fallout 76.

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