Last Oasis has (Temporarily) Been Pulled From Sale

Last Oasis has (Temporarily) Been Pulled From Sale

Last Oasis, a post-apocalyptic-survival MMO, has already been taken offline, it has emerged.

The game only went on sale last week. Server issues resulted in many players left unable to contact. This happened as Last Oasis entered Steam Early Access.

The game has since been taken offline for “up to seven days”, developer Donkey Crew has announced. The studio has also offered all owners a refund regardless of playtime.

A member of Donkey Crew posted the following video to Twitter and YouTube:

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“…We decided two things: First of all, we are going to take servers off for up to seven days. Our coders have been working day and night to solve this issue and they need some sleep. We need to properly investigate why our load testing didn’t pick this up, what went wrong, and figure it out properly and solve it.

And, the other thing, a lot of you mentioned this is not how an Early Access game should launch and we fully agree. This is not how an Early Access game should launch. So, we’ve decided that everyone who’s currently unhappy with the state of the game should get a full refund, regardless of their in-game hours, no questions asked. Just head to Steam to do that.

We also received some positive messages which were very nice to hear in all of this chaos. So thank you for those. We promise we are going to deliver. Many people said ‘This game is great. We just want to be able to play it’. So, we’ll deliver on the promise as soon as possible. We are really, truly sorry about this situation. We’ll resolve it, and thanks for your patience”.

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The team at Donkey Crew seem genuinely sorry about the state of the game at launch. Here’s hoping that the team can rectify the problems and have a much better re-launch – after they’ve managed to catch up on some sleep as well, of course.

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