Last Oasis Back Online, Devs Explain Issues

Last Oasis Back Online, Devs Explain Issues

Last week, you may remember we discussed how post-apocalyptic survival MMO, Last Oasis, was taken offline shortly after its launch.

The good news for anyone still interested in this game, is that the servers are back online. And the developers, Donkey Crew, has spoken about what caused the issues.

To catch everybody up to speed, Last Oasis launched on Steam Early Access 26th March. On 29th March, the game was taken offline so the developers could address issues that plagued Last Oasis‘ launch. These ranged from connection issues to other miscellaneous problems.

As of 6th April, the game is now back online. Donkey Crew updated the Steam page with the following post to update the community:

A House of Cards

In short, the server crashes were a result of the game’s databases crashing. The rollback involved was so extreme that the databases couldn’t pinpoint one precise moment to go back to and, subsequently, all of the servers shut down at the same time.

There was also a large number of people stuck in the queue to join the game. The individuals (whom Donkey Crew noted were within the “tens of thousands” at the same time) overwhelmed the lobbies. Their requests were backlogging the system, and, because of technological disadvantages, their requests were essentially being constantly sent indefinitely. Which, again, overwhelmed the system.

The problems all worked together to essentially bring the game down around it. Obviously a disaster for the players and chaos for the developers.

And because the team weren’t exactly sure which bug was the one that kicked everything else off, they’d had to run a public stress test to determine the cause.

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Donkey Crew has been open and upfront about it all, and the team is genuinely apologetic about the issues the game has experienced. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for them and the Last Oasis players.

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