May 28, 2022

Konami Developing Two New Silent Hill Games

According to a recent leak, Konami is working on a Silent Hill revival. In the form of not one, but two new instalments of the beloved horror series.

More AestheticGamer Leaks

The source of the leak comes once again from AestheticGamer – the source responsible for rumours of a Dino Crisis remake. They claimed that Konami reached out to developers a couple of years ago, inviting them to pitch potential ideas to revive the series.

Assuming the leaks are correct, it would seem Konami was impressed by at least two of the pitches. This would go some way to explain why Konami has been quietly refilling lapsed Silent Hill trademarks.

New Silent Hill Announcement This Year?

The first is believed to be a soft reboot of the classic Silent Hill games. While the second is rumoured to be an Until Dawn or Telltale style episodic game. Presumably referring more to the choice-based nature of the games rather than their release format, since Until Dawn was a complete game at release.

In the final part of AestheticGamer’s thread they claim there is a “high chance” that one or both of these titles will be revealed sometime this year. Though they go on to say they don’t know much about these games other than their existence.

If that seems like too little information to get your hopes up, Rely on Horror have had similar reports. The dedicated horror site reported from its own independent sources that a Silent Hill project is indeed in the works.

Kojima Back in the Building?

Towards the end of last year, Hideo Kojima hinted that his attention had turned back to horror. Since then, Eurogamer has commented that their anonymous sources believe Kojima’s icy relationship with Konami may have “thawed” to a degree. Lending some fans the hope that a Kojima version of Silent Hill could still happen.

Regardless of whether Kojima is involved with these new Konami games, it looks like Silent Hill fans, and horror fans more generally, might have something to look forward to very soon.

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