July 5, 2022

Kojima Reveals Death Stranding Details at Gamescom 2019

On August 19th 2019 at Gamescom in Germany Geoff Keighley was host to Opening Night Live. Where special guest, Hideo Kojima spoiled fans with not just two, but three particularly interesting trailers for the highly anticipated title: Death Stranding.

Higgs (Picture: Kojima Productions Death Stranding Trailer)

Shortly after Kojima is welcomed warmly to the stage, he presents us with our first announcement of the event. As a result of the significant popularity tied to previous Character spotlights, Kojima reveals another trailer titled: Mama.

YouTube player
(Video: Kojima Productions)

Followed by a brief explanation from Kojima, he eagerly presents Gamescom with his second Character spotlight titled: Bridge Baby.

YouTube player
(Video: Kojima Productions)

Proceeded by a secondary explanation, good-guy Kojima gives us what we all want: game play. Notably accompanied by digital Normal Reedus…’watering plants’. The Character spotlight is cryptically titled: Ludens Fan. Incidentally animated after Keighley himself and alternatively voiced by Matthew Mercer.

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(Video: Kojima Productions)

Concluding the final trailer Kojima speaks more in depth about what is shown, and Death Stranding as a whole. However, as mysterious as Death Stranding may be, we are only now getting the pieces to answer the puzzling question.

All things considered what exactly is Death Stranding? Regardless of that uncertainty, we know Death Stranding will certainly release on November 8th, 2019 for PlayStation 4. Nevertheless, I’m excited to experience Hideo Kojima’s next visionary blockbuster project.

Death Stranding Box Art (Picture: Kojima Productions)

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