Kojima Productions Teases Next Game from Hideo Kojima

Kojima Productions Teases Next Game from Hideo Kojima

Of course, we are all aware of the success of the first title to come from the now independent Kojima Productions. As a brief reminder, Kojima was affiliated with Konami until 2015, when it split from the publisher to gain some autonomy. The result was the inimitable Death Stranding, produced in collaboration with Sony. The rest, as they say, is history.

But of course, rumours are rife in this industry. Following the game’s release, the internet at large was already speculating on the next game in development by Kojima. While multiple projects were thought to be in production, there seemed to be unanimous agreement that this time Kojima Productions would be working with Microsoft.

While details around this mystery project are still unknown, it’s clear that something is brewing behind the scenes. The official website has been updated with a teaser. This simply says “Who Am I?”. So who is it?

Could the above silhouette be Margaret Qualley, rumoured to be working with Kojima Productions?

Based on the above image, we can speculate that this is a woman. Further, if we allow our speculation to be stretched, just a little, we could infer that this is the fabled horror game that Kojima Productions is working on with Margaret Qualley in the lead role. The picture certainly seems to match the imagery of Qualley we saw in Death Stranding.

Indeed, this seems to fit more than just speculation. Earlier this year, it was reported by industry insider Tom Henderson that Kojima is indeed working with Qualley, and that the title is called “Overdose”. This apparently came from his own account of having seen footage of the title in action.

Kojima Productions

Margaret Qualley in her role as “Mama” in Death Stranding

Either way, Tokyo Game Show has just started, so we may find out more as the event unfolds. Hideo Kojima has already teased a VR game from the studio, but whether the two projects are linked remains to be seen. Of course in the case of this particular genius at work, two games would be welcome indeed, but we’ll settle with just one. If we must.

But what are your thoughts? Come join our ABG Discord and let us know exactly how excited you are by the new venture from this enigmatic studio.

Source; Novice Gamer Guides

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