Kojima Issues Statement Over Sony Future

Kojima Issues Statement Over Sony Future

Microsoft and Hideo Kojima are entering into a partnership together over a new project for Xbox, as announced at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.

Whilst there was talk about a possible Kojima Xbox game doing the rounds, nothing had been confirmed.

Until now, of course.

We don’t have much information on the project, other than that it is something Kojima has wanted to do for a while.

However, there are some fans out there worried that the move to Microsoft will affect Kojima’s partnership with Sony.

It was recently teased that a Death Stranding sequel was in production, obviously, with PlayStation.

Thankfully for those fans, Kojima has quelled any concerns.

“After the announcement of our partnership with Microsoft using the cloud technology, many people have asked us about our collaboration with SIE. Please be assured that we continue to have a very good partnership with PlayStation as well”.

So, for anyone getting track, this Xbox project is aside from a potential Death Stranding sequel. In addition, there’s the recently leaked horror game, Overdose.

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