July 3, 2022

Knights of the Old Republic & Force Unleashed Tangibly Made Star Wars Canon

According to a report by Eurogamer, two well-received Star Wars games have officially become canon again. Those two games in question being Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic and Lucasarts Force Unleashed. You could argue against the Force Unleashed being canon, but the two games are at least clearly referenced.

Thanks to the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary book, we have our confirmation of canon. A wonderful addition for any avid Star Wars fan, The Visual Dictionary details a whole host of in-universe items, characters, factions, planets and more. For the sake of this article, we’re most interested in the following image;

“Sith troopers are organised into legions, using the ancient definition of 5,000 soldiers (per legion). These are numerically identified, but also given the name of an ancient Sith Lord. As this history was hidden from the rest of the galaxy, only the Sith Eternal cultists know the significance of these names”.

Bioware Strike Again

A Lord “Revan” has given his name to the 3rd Legion. KOTOR fans will be more than familiar with Lord Revan. A former Sith, Revan suffered amnesia in the game. Jedi forces later brainwashed Revan in a bid to fight alongside them.

However, two other legions mentioned denote characters from The Force Unleashed. Darth Phobos and Darth Desolous were both first seen in the 2008 LucasArts game. Both of the Sith Lords were [spoiler alert] killed off by protagonist Starkiller in-game. Whether that means Starkiller is canon as well remains to be seen.

It might not mean a lot to everybody, but gaming Star Wars fans will certainly enjoy the nods to various titles outside of the cinematic universe. We cannot confirm if Fallen Order has a mention in the book. However, as I learned whilst writing this article, the game is definitely canon.

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