Kitori Academy Is The New Name Of Witchery Academy

Kitori Academy Is The New Name Of Witchery Academy

Cubenary reveals the new name for their second commercial game, Kitori Academy, formerly called Witchery Academy.

Kitori Academy is a cosy life simulator where players take the role of a wizard apprentice. Apprentices are free to explore the magical academy with their companion cats and train various magical skills to become knowledgeable witches and wizards.

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This fresh new catchy name evokes what the team wants to transmit with the game; cosy, wholesome and low stake vibes where players can relax and immerse themselves in an enchanting world.

Become a wizard apprentice, attend classes to train your magical skills and free the world from the curse that threatens innocent creatures. Meet other apprentices while exploring the academy and uncover its secrets at your own pace.

Eyes up here mittens.

Attend Classes To Enhance Your Skills

  • In the botanic class, attend your garden to grow and harvest fresh vegetables.
  • Catch and collect spell-creatures in the spell class.
  • Learn other skills such as how to brew powerful potions, craft charms and heal creatures.

If you just can’t wait for your magical fix next year with Hogwarts Legacy, here’s your chance to attend “Hogwarts”. Though no release date is officially scheduled, you can add Kitori Academy to your Wishlist on Steam, and the game will also be coming to Nintendo Switch.

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