June 25, 2022

Kingdom Under Fire Returns

Ever since my childhood, playing Kingdom Under Fire on the original Xbox was always an incredibly fun time. A hybrid realtime strategy-RPG experience bringing the RTS genre to Xbox with quality. It legitimately frustrated me that Kingdom Under Fire 2 flew under my radar for so long, until now.

In a recent press release, Gameforge announced a new ‘Berzerker’ class and an expected release date has been revealed. The exact day is unknown, but Gameforge stated sometime in November 2019 for Windows PC. Additionally developer Blueside and Gameforge gave fans the following trailer back at Gamescom 2019.

YouTube player

Though Kingdom Under Fire 2 was playable in certain other regions, according to gematsu in July:

“Gameforge has acquired the North American and European publishing rights to the Blueside-developed multiplayer online action RPG Kingdom Under Fire II. It will launch for PC later in 2019 in North America and Europe across multiple digital platforms.”


After watching 14 minutes of gameplay acquired by IGN available here, It’s apparent that; there is a much heavier focus on player choice, and the RPG mechanics involved. Most likely this is due to the inclusion of MMO interactions, but the strategy segments have changed drastically. The RTS portions seem less strategic and more action oriented, which may or may not be a net positive depending on implementation.

Some of my fondest non-Halo memories on Xbox were had with Kingdom Under Fire, and I sincerely hope to make many more with Kingdom Under Fire 2 in November. With the sequel having MMO elements as well, hopefully I’ll see you online.

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