May 22, 2022

Beyond Kingdom Hearts III: KH Team Already Working on New Titles

To spice up the launch of a new DLC Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind, developers just teased their fans with some new future announcements. 

In the “13 Questions of Darkness” Q&A director Tetsuya Nomura talked about the upcoming DLC. He also shared what the future holds for Kingdom Hearts franchise in general as well as new unannounced titles.

“While a traditional Kingdom Hearts will take some time, the Kingdom Hearts Union χ team will first be making an unexpected announcement tomorrow.

Furthermore, in addition to the Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts Union χ teams, two new teams are currently at work, and one of their titles is coming surprisingly soon”.


Nomura has also mentioned that secrets within the DLC allude to the direction the title might take in the future. Easter eggs combined with one of the hardest bosses in the series (according to Nomura) would get any fan excited. 

You can find full Q&A on the Japanese KH Twitter account, which was also translated into English by user GOLDPANNER.

To get us pumped up for all the secrets and challenges that the future of KH franchise holds, here is the trailer for the new DLC.

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Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind DLC is launching on 23 January for PS4 and on 25 February for Xbox One.

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