Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Celebration Announces Two New Games

Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Celebration Announces Two New Games

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary [!!] celebration recently aired.

During the presentation, Square Enix took a look back at the franchise’s two decades of storytelling and games.

And, whilst it’s always nice to think of the future, Square Enix is also looking to the future.

As such, two brand new games and a new expansion to an existing title have been announced; Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, the final expansion to Kingdom Hearts: Union x Dark Road – both mobile games – and Kingdom Hearts IV.

Yes, you read that right; a fourth entry into the Kingdom Hearts mainline series is currently in development.

Whilst Missing-Link is a mobile game, KH4 will be a fully-fledged console (and, perhaps, PC) entry.

KH4 looks to be in early production, and, as such, we only really have a cinematic trailer to go off of. However, the new title does appear to be based on (a pseudo version) of our world.

Check out the trailer below [KH4 footage starts at the 4:12 mark];

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In regards to KH4, we currently have no release window or confirmed platforms.

However, Missing-Link [from 2:06 in the above video] will enter closed beta later this year (in “specific regions”). Missing-Link will be available on iOS and Android devices.

Finally, the expansion for Kingdom Hearts Union x will launch this August for iOS and Android devices. The “long-awaited finale” will wrap up the mobile game’s narrative. This will be a free update to the game.

We’ll have more news on the release of Kingdom Hearts 4, especially in the near-distant future. Hopefully, it isn’t a case of Square taking as long with this game as it did Kingdom Hearts 3!