July 3, 2022

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – From The Ashes DLC – Xbox One Review

As if Kingdom Come: Deliverance wasn’t hard enough already! Warhorse Studios have released their first expansion – From The Ashes. Just like the base game, it’s all about realism, making everything just that little bit more difficult than it was before.

The first thing to note is this is less of a stand alone DLC and much more like an expansion to the original game. So much so that if you’ve not played through the game already it’s difficult to see just where this new quest line actually begins. It has been blended seamlessly into the vanilla game so you feel as if it was always there.

The DLC begins just after the first major boss battle with Runt. Lord Divish arrives to inspect the area, and in his wisdom, bestows upon you the title of ‘bailiff’. It’s now your job to rebuild Pribyslavitz into a thriving town. This means you need to settle disputes between your workers, choose what to build, what to upgrade and when to do it. But there’s a bit more to it than just that. For example, you do have the ability to choose who settles there, albeit in a very limited capacity depending on your interactions with certain characters, mainly survivors from your hometown.

From The Ashes focuses on the rebuilding of Pribyslavitz, but it’s not a city builder. Don’t be thinking you will be choosing what buildings go where, and who does what. This is more of a finance management system. The buildings you create will either make you or cost you money. Its a finite balancing act between what you have and what you want. But like a kick in the ribs before you even start, you need money to begin, and a lot of it.

As per Lord Divish, the building costs and upkeep are to all be covered by you! You build the town to make money but you need lots of money to begin. Looking at the basic town layout and costs it would be safe to say that you will need around 30,000 Groshen to get the most basic of towns up and running. If you don’t have that type of coin at the beginning then its probably best you step away until you’re wealthy enough to begin. Thanks to the ongoing daily running costs that each building has associated with it, along with its initial cost to build, this is one rather expensive side quest.

At first, your town will be running in a negative, and because of that, you will constantly be needing to travel back to your town to refill the gold chest. After I had built the first few buildings I was needing around 175 gold per day to keep it up and running. Doesn’t sound too much, does it? But it is! Making sure I had that type of cash available each day until I could afford the next building was problematic. Attempting to save up 8,000 Groschen to purchase a forge, whilst losing 175 per day was infuriatingly difficult. That’s the basis of this expansion – money and how you use it. Making sure you have the coin to begin with, is the key to getting your town up and running in a timely and cost effective fashion.

If you happen to neglect your bailiff duties by spending too much time away, not sorting out the petty problems the villagers have, or not having enough gold in the gold chest then you have more than just money problems. If your reputation drops too low Lord Divish will be back, but not for a friendly visit. He will remove your title and your village and you lose the DLC. Yep, you read that right, as with the games inherent difficulty, you can fail the DLC, it’s not just a case of not doing very well, you will lose the ability to finish or rectify the problems. Ouch!

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as there are a few perks associated with getting the town up and running. Build a stable and you have the option to buy a horse that isn’t available anywhere else in the game. Building the arena allows you to train with all weapon types, including your fists, meaning you’ve no need to keep travelling to different regions for different training options. You can build your very own alchemy lab so that, again, you don’t need to go far for that last minute concoction. And that’s the main point of this expansion. Probyslavitz is your home, its the place you go to for everything you need, including a constant income whilst you are out and about in the world.

The basis of the expansion is sound, but it doesn’t really bring anything new to the game. If you like the idea of dabbling in the world ofGgroschen then its a good excuse to whittle away a few hours making a fortune ready for the off. But, if you enjoy Kingdom Come for the fighting and the realism, then this will leave a sour taste in your mouth. Especially if you purchase it for £7.99 then lose the ability to play it!

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  • 6/10
    Overall - 6/10


From The Ashes is a nice addition to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Although it doesn’t really bring anything new into the game – new swords or armor would have been nice. It does allow for a few hours where you can just sit back, slow down and think about building a thriving town rather than the constant A to B questing than can get rather tedious. Once the town is finished, the added perks you receive are well worth the time, and Groschen, spent doing it.

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