May 23, 2022

Kindred Fates Looks Like the Pokemon Game We’ve Always Wanted

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of people were a bit let down by Pokemon Sword/Shield. Not that it’s a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. It just didn’t evolve the series (pun intended) as much as fans were hoping for in a ‘next-gen’ instalment.

Kindred Fates, a similarly open world monster battling RPG, is looking like it could fill those boots, which many felt that the latest Pokemon didn’t.

After just 5 days on Kickstarter, the indie project by Skymill Studios has smashed it’s target. With it now having raised over £100,000 from backers, the game is well on it’s way to hitting other ambitious and exciting goals.

Only time will tell if the studio can live up to these promises, but if it can, this could be what the older generation of Pokemon lovers have been waiting for.

Full on Monster Battling RPG

Kindred Fates is set in Hinterlock. A region full of everything you’d expect from mountains, to lakes, forests, fields and oceans. The world is inhabited by humans of course, but also the Kinfolk. These walking, talking and sentient creatures will be our companions throughout the game.

The bond we form with with our Kinfolk sounds like it will be the emotional core of the game. With it even going as far to say our friends can actually die if we don’t revive them in time!

Imagine not making it back to a Poke-centre fast enough after a tough fight, and having to say a permanent farewell to your fellow Squirtle. Actually, I don’t want to imagine that.

Among the games other promised features are guilds, Kindred Fates answer to gyms. With the ability to even build and grow your own. Customising and furnishing your home. And even options for a 1v1 or 2v2 online battle mode.

The game-play itself is 3rd person as you’d expect, with the monster v monster combat being in real time. You’ll also be able to choose from different branching evolution paths for your Kinfolk as they level up.

The team also sound very passionate about creating an emotional and engaging story. Something that was lacking in the recent Pokemon titles for a lot of people.

Check out the trailer for the game below…

YouTube player

This all sounds like a recipe for greatness. If Skymill Studios can pull all of these elements of game-play together, and tie it up with a satisfying story, we may have something truly special on our hands.

If you’re interested in showing support for Kindred Fates, or even just follow it’s progress, you can visit their Kickstarter page here.

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