Killer Queen Black – Nintendo Switch Review

Killer Queen Black – Nintendo Switch Review

Killer Queen Black is a eight player action, strategy platformer from devs, Liquid Bit and a from the ground up remake of 2013’s retro e-sport giant Killer Queen Arcade.

Killer Queen Black has you and your team face off against a team of four in a manic match up of skill, luck and button bashing madness. Each team of four consists of one queen and her three workers. Both classes have very different skills and abilities and take a very different strategy when playing as them.

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The queen has the ability to fly and attack with her sword and will act as your offensive character. The workers are more limited in their abilities and have to avoid attacks from the other team. The worker does have the ability to become a soldier and pick up armor and either a gun or mace during the match from one of the gates positioned around the arena.

The objective of Killer Queen Black is to win the best of three rounds against a team of four opponents. You can be victorious by one of three possible ways.

  • Military – Kill the opponents queen three times
  • Economic – Your workers collect enough berries to fill the holes in the hive in your base
  • Snail – You jump on the snail and ride him long enough for him to reach the goal at your end of the arena

You can play Killer Queen Black a number of ways including eight player LAN over two Switches which has the potential to be awesome after a few beers. With the option of Ranked, Quick Play and Custom Match you have the ability to play with friends, randoms or even practice against bots. The bots available to practice with are challenging and are tough enough to push you and raise your skill level as desired.

You will definitely need to practice and learn Killer Queen Black’s mechanics in order to succeed in Ranked Matches as the game has a huge skill ceiling that will take dozens of hours to master. The lengthy tutorials will be your greatest asset in your quest to be a master at this game.

Killer Queen Black is cross-play enabled with both PC and Xbox One so unless all of your friends have PlayStations’ then you should always have a friend to play with.

The art design of the game is perfectly nostalgic, colourful, vibrant and has some beautiful sprite designs. From the moment your first match starts you instantly recognize the Killer Queen Arcade aesthetic. The game screams retro and is flawless in its arcade cabinet beauty.

Killer Queen Black excels in its Quick Play matches and is great fun alone or in a team against randoms and will fulfill those evenings gaming with your mates. The game even has game chat on the Switch allowing for you to coordinate and strategise with your team.

Team work is gospel if you are to win casual games again and again. In Ranked games it is the only way to be victorious and become “The Black Team”. “The Black Team” are the current undefeated team and if you defeat them in Ranked then your team takes the title and your games are streamed online for the world to see.

To fight the infamous “Black Team” you will need to work your way up the leaderboard and prove you are good enough, almost like a right of passage.

Upon release there is a small variety of maps available but more are to be released post launch which means Killer Queen Black is set for a good chunk of post launch support and patches.

You can tell after a few hours of playing that this game is going to kill it in the e-sports sector and will be a great experience for spectators alike. There is even an option in the main menu to spectate random games happening in real time, this is a great way to watch other teams and learn which strategies work better in certain situations.

I believe Killer Queen Black is fairly priced considering the shear volume of hours of fun to be had and is currently probably the best indie party game on the Nintendo Switch E-shop. Its not going to be a game for everyone, but if it is your type of game then it’s quickly going to become your go to game.

Killer Queen Black is definitely a contender for game of the year for me and one of the most enjoyable reviewing experiences I’ve had. Liquid Bit should be very proud of this game, its brilliant.

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  • 10/10
    Overall - 10/10


Killer Queen Black is not just a great party/multiplayer game but it is up there fighting it out with the likes of Smash Brothers and the elite in its genre.

The game is beautifully executed and as addictive as it is enjoyable. This is definitely a contender for game of the year and stands out on its own in a year full of upcoming AAA releases.

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