Kickstarter for Puzzler “The Dream” has Hit 25% Funding

Kickstarter for Puzzler “The Dream” has Hit 25% Funding

Indie game “The Dream” is a first person puzzle adventure created by Tanja Leonova and the Kickstarter has just hit the 25% mark of it’s total goal with 27 days to go.

Visit The Dream on Kickstarter now to pledge your support now.

You are alone on a beautiful island and need to find your way back home. How? By searching for clues and solving puzzles of course. You will encounter surprises almost every step, under water and on land, both day and night.

But you will do all of this without stress and time pressure, because the island is for you to enjoy.

The game is planned for release in February 2023. It will be developed in game engine Unity and will have 200 – 400 puzzles depending on how much funding developer receives via Kickstarter.

The Dream will cost $20 during Early Access and will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac on Steam.

Key Features

  • Enjoy dynamic day and night
  • Enjoy seasons and weather effects
  • Feel no time pressure or stress
  • Grab and move things
  • Decrypt important messages
  • Walk under water and explore things
  • Discover items and solve puzzles
  • Click on different objects to rotate them

I want to create a game without violence, stress and time pressure. My goal is that people of all ages can enjoy it.

Tanja Leonova

The Developer

Tanja Leonova is independent solo developer who lives in Sweden. She previously worked as a system developer and now follows her dream to make a beautiful game with challenging tasks.

She likes puzzles and nature and wants to unite them. Visit Tanja’s Kickstarter campaign for more information.

A Big Pledge Reward

Pledge €500 or more
(ABOUT £442)
Co-create a puzzle –
Have some puzzle idea? Let it see the world! Your name in credits as puzzle co-creator!


  • A big “Thank You” from me
  • Digital wallpaper pack
  • Access to Kickstarter posts and updates
  • Digital copy of the game (Steam key)
  • Your name in credits as co-producer
  • Your name engraved in a prominent monument in the game
  • Create a puzzle with me – tell me about your idea
    Feb 2023
    (1 backer)

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