July 6, 2022

Keep Your Snes Mini Classic Safe With This Official Carry Case

This officially licensed SNES Classic case will house your mini console in luxury.

It’s an exciting time for those who managed to secure one of the early SNES Classic Mini pre-orders – dispatch emails have started to appear in inboxes and we’re only a few more working days away from that September 29 release date.

Though at this point it’s probably hard to imagine a time when the tiny console won’t sit trophy-like in front of your TV, you might find that you’ll eventually have a reason to take it to a friend’s house or put it into storage. When such times come, you’ll want to keep it safe and that’s where PDP’s officially licensed deluxe carrying case will come in.

The chunky case uses the purple and grey color scheme of the North American SNES model and is able to hold the console, two controllers, and connection cables.

The soft foam inserts inside the case are measured specifically for the SNES Mini and its peripherals so there’s no chance of them shifting around in transit.

Keep it not-so-secret, keep it safe.

The front of the case features a clear plastic slot where you can insert one of the six pieces of classic SNES game artwork that come included. These artwork cards feature popular games like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Star Fox 2 and F-Zero.

The case only appears to be available on the Amazon US store where it costs $29.99 but interestingly it won’t be released until November 15. It would, we imagine, make a great Christmas gift for anyone you know that has or is definitely getting the console.

It’s currently unclear whether it’ll be released in markets other than North America (we’d love to see a case inspired by the European console model) but we’ll have to wait and see.

Though the first round of SNES Classic Mini consoles are being prepared for delivery many are facing problems trying to secure one. Nintendo has, however, promised that more stock is on the way and urges fans not to resort to paying extortionate sums through sites such as eBay.


Original Source. Tech Radar.

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