May 17, 2022

Keanu Reeves’ Motorbike will Feature in Cyberpunk

Keanu Reeves

In an interview way back when, Keanu Reeves was asked why he liked motorbikes so much. To this he answered simply, “Because I’ve ridden one”. And it’s true. When he isn’t riding the subway, this modern day bastion of benevolence loves nothing more than hitting the road on anyone of his innumerable motorcycles. He loves them so much in fact, that he founded his own custom motorbike company way back in 2011. It seems this has gone unnoticed by developer CD project Red, the parallels of Johnny Silverhand and his real life counterpart seemingly too much to pass up.

Arch Motorcycles was co-funded by legendary bike builder Gard Hollinger, who Reeves initially approached for a custom Harley Davidson in 2006. 5 years later only the engine remained, and the company was born. And in a video released over the weekend, CDPR revealed that Arch’s Method 143 model will feature in the anticipated RPG.

Motorcycle go “Rrrrrrr”

Recording sound for the game, Reeves’ notes that the idea of including Arch Motorcycles was mooted in the initial approach by CDPR, a move that seemed to appease the celebrated Canadian. The bike will undoubtedly come with a few choice accessories congruent with the era, but we think it looks pretty damn future-proof in it’s original guise.

The idea of Keanu Reeves’s hog throbbing between your legs is almost too much to take

On recording the sound for the in game edition, co-founder Hollinder describes the Method 143 as having a “sort of a racing engine in it compared to our production motorcycles. It has a dual exhaust system. And it sounds pretty—”

“Rrrrrrrrr,” Keanu adds eloquently. “It sounds good”.

You can check out the full video below. But be sure to keep checking ABG for more Cyberpunk titbits as they drop. With less than a month until release, we expect a few more surprises in store. That should help whip expectation to fever pitch, not that it needs it.

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Source; PC Gamer

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