May 28, 2022

Join Joe Kemp on His 12-Hour Marathon to Raise Money For Special Effect

We all love video games. How they can teleport us into any world imaginable and turn into pretty much anyone we like. But as anything good in life, it can be taken for granted. When you are just a couple of clicks away from your adventure, it is easy to forget that even this can sometimes be a great challenge.

Joe Kemp is also a passionate gamer, but it is not as easy for him. He has a condition that causes his muscles to weaken overtime. At first Joe needed help with using a computer. That was the first time when he and Special Effect worked together. Later he decided to come back to video games, so the charity helped him again to find a setup that works. And now Joe is doing a 12-hour-long charity livestream as a part of a wider Gameblast 20 event.

As Joe mentions on his JustGiving page:

So on Friday the 21st of February I’m doing a 12 hour gaming marathon to raise money for special effects because I know what a big difference they make to young disabled people’s lives

I know it doesn’t seem to long but to me that is a long time for me because I use my eyes to control my computer though a eye gaze system which uses my eye movement to control the mouse.

Joe has already participated in Gameblast last year, when his marathon raised £510 with the original target being £300. If you want to support Joe this year and make sure he smashes his targets again, visit his JustGiving page.

Make a Difference with Special Effect

Special Effect is a UK based charity. They help people with disabilities to overcome any barriers that might stand between them and the world of video games. With the use of technology, the Special Effect team makes games like Call of Duty or Minecraft accessible to anyone. They can even set up a switch-operated ball thrower to play with the dog.

Here you can watch a story of how Special Effect helped Ceyda experience the freedom and joy of gaming for herself:

You can also help them improve lives and participate in Gameblast 20 yourself. Just sign up on the website and organise your own livestream between 21 and 23 of February 2020. Now anyone can make a real difference by doing what they love!

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