May 17, 2022

Joe Kemp shares how it is to play games using just an eye

Last week we wrote about Joe Kemp. A man, who despite his disability not only continues doing what he loves, but also does everything he can to help others in the same position. This year too, Joe will be running a gaming marathon as a part of Gameblast20.

We have reached out to Joe to find out more about him as a gamer and what role games play in his life. Joe has a condition, which makes his body weaker overtime. Now the only means for him to play a game or even use a computer is with the help of an eye-tracking technology.

What does Joe play?

As it turned out, Joe is a fan of strategy games. Firstly, they are easy for him to play using his eye gaze system. At the same time, they offer an intellectual challenge and provide an immersive experience. Joe’s favourites are Rise of Nations, a real-time strategy by Civilization veterans, and RUSE, a warfare strategy published by Ubisoft. These are games he is also planning to play during his livestream for Gameblast20.

But Joe is hoping to expand his gaming arsenal. Even though he has to be careful with what he picks, as not everything is compatible with the technology that he is using. His ultimate wish though is to be able to come back to playing his PS4. Special Effect, a UK based gamers charity, who helped him to figure out his current gaming setup, are still trying to find a way to make PS4 accessible for Joe again.

Special Effect

He talks really fondly of the Special Effect team.

Special Effect are great to work with. They have a great team that are very experienced with getting disabled people playing again. They know what might work and will do everything to get people back their independence. Such a great charity. I would recommend contacting them if you are having difficulties play games or using a computer like me

Joe Kemp via Twitter
Positive Effect of Gaming

When asked what games mean to him, Joe replies:

Games mean everything to me. They give me a sense of independence. They are something I can do on my own. They have a great effect on my life. They keep my mind active and make me feel normal

Joe Kemp via Twitter

We are not going to contribute to the debate about how games could have a negative influence on people’s behaviour. But it is clear that they have a great positive effect. They distract, provide a challenge and even give freedom to those that might not have in the real life.


That is why we encourage everyone who can to contribute in any way possible to the upcoming charity event Gameblast20. Be it by holding your own marathon, donating or simply watching and raising awareness. Each of us has the power to help people experience positive effect of gaming that might possibly change their lives.

You can find out more about Joe’s 12 hour marathon on his page here. Anyone can also sign up and hold their own livestream between 21 and 23 of February. All of the donations are going to go to Special Effect to help them make gaming accessible for anyone.

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