JL Comfurni: Athena Argyle Series – Gaming Chair Review

JL Comfurni: Athena Argyle Series – Gaming Chair Review

As you’re probably aware, gaming chairs can be expensive and there are so many brands and designs to choose from that choosing the perfect chair for you can be tough and if you get the wrong one it could literally result in a pain in the ass.

When we were approached by a representative from gaming chair retailer JL Comfurni and asked to review one of their chairs I thought exactly the same as you are probably are right now, “JL….who??”. My current gaming chair was dying a slow death and it was worth it just to get a new chair. Winner , winner chicken dinner!

There is a good variety of gaming chairs offered by the online retailer but I chose the Athena Argyle as I quite like the Recaro look and Gundam-like cushion and colour scheme.

So, I ordered the chair which arrived in a couple of days. The assembly was really easy, it took no more than a half-hour to put together and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Overall the build quality is good, materials feel nice, cushions are comfy and the chair overall feels nice and sturdy. The imitation leather has a nice feel to it and the lumbar and head cushions offer good support while enjoying an extended gaming session.

The plastics covering the fixings no the sides of the chair do feel a little cheap and flimsy but once fixed on the chair have no room to flex and break so hopefully should survive the life of the chair.

One thing that always concerns me with gaming chairs is the arms, freestanding arms can feel flimsy and I always worry they will break under heavy use. So far the arms on the Athena Argyle feel sturdy and the plastics even though they don’t have much weight to them feel solid. The height adjusters on them hold out when excess pressure is applied.

The base is nice and heavy which offers good stability and the plastic wheels actually work well under weight. My only gripe is that occasionally when moving the chair forwards it will lose balance, the balance could be improved with a slightly larger diameter of base.

The chair actually reclines to a full horizontal axis which is cool but if I’m honest I’m not sure if it would ever need to be reclined that far. You can also purchase an extending footrest that could come in handy but isn’t something I’m in desperate need of, nor have the room for.

The back of the chair is well-shaped and like a Recaro race seat it hugs the body and feels secure, it’s also not too soft. The.. let’s say… “Arse portion” of the chair is wide enough to fit my butt in, if you were of a more girthy disposition it may be a tighter squeeze, as with all variants of racing seat designs I suppose.

So, is the JL Comfurni: Athena Argyle Gaming Chair any good? In a word “Yes”. It offers decent support, looks good and has the potential to last as long as you would expect from a DX Racer chair. There is obviously some compromise with materials to reach its competitive price point (Currently on offer at £87.99 or £139.99 Standard price). I think it is a good competitor price-wise against the equivalent DX Racer or GT Omega and I would recommend for anyone on a more modest budget looking to invest in a good gaming chair.

You can check out full range of chairs from JL Comfurni on their website or Amazon store.

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JL Comfurni: Athena Argyle Series - Gaming Chair Review
  • 7/10
    Materials - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Visuals - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Comfort - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Value For Money - 10/10


The Athena Argyle is a comfortable, great looking chair that may compromise on some of its materials but it’s a fair compromise to reach its budget price point. Perfect for someone on a modest budget.