May 16, 2022

Schreier Talks About The New Console-Generation

Kotaku’s eminent news editor Jason Schreier is widely regarded as a man who knows the gaming industry inside-and-out. And in Kotaku’s latest podcast Schreier talks about the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

Schreier deals out both highs and lows. He means that Sony is losing touch but the differences between the two consoles are rather small, while the Xbox is certainly more powerful. Jason also had this to say.

“What I’m hearing from people actually working on these things is that the Xbox is not significantly more powerful than the Playstation, despite this teraflops number and that the teraflops — it might be a useful measure of comparison in some ways, but ultimately it’s a theoretical max speed, and there are so many things that could come between where you are trying to get and what you are actually able to do, to the point where the GPU could have X number of flops that it can actually perform, but if the developer isn’t able to actually access all of it for whatever reason, then it doesn’t even matter, and there are so many other variables here that go into it.”

Lost the plot?

Jason continues to say that Sony has lost the narrative, while both consoles look good. He believes that this can come back to haunt Sony, as a result of this. He even believes that this can hurt the entire generation.

“The general consensus is that these things are both extremely powerful and both very similar in a lot of ways and both do different things in really cool ways. These are both extremely impressive pieces of technology. But because of the way Sony has actually presented this thing and marketed this thing, now the narrative is ‘the Xbox is way more powerful than the Playstation,’ and I think that is such a — maybe fatal flaw on Sony’s part for this console generation. Maybe it’ll all be forgotten if the PS5 comes in cheaper, or it has a killer launch lineup, and maybe none of this will matter in November. Or maybe these consoles won’t even be able to come out in November. But right now, it’s such a dropping the ball after so many years of smart decisions on Sony’s part.”

What did you think about Sony’s presentation? Is Jason right or not?

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