May 27, 2022

Jason Blundell Departs Treyarch

With Jason Blundell leaving Treyarch, a large part of the community has spoken out about what might have really gone on. What effect will this have on Call of Duty going forward?

Jason Blundell, Senior Executive Producer and Co-Studio Head of Treyarch, has left the studio, the developer announced on Friday.

Blundell has been an important name throughout Treyarch’s history, even before becoming a co-studio head. Starting as a producer for 2006’s Call of Duty 3, Blundell was a prominent figure in the Black Ops series.

After serving as Executive Producer on Black Ops and Campaign Design Director for Black Ops 2, he became Game Director for Black Ops 3‘s Campaign and Zombies modes.

The success of Black Ops 3 led to Treyarch promoting Blundell to Co-Studio Head in 2016. After the cancelling of Black Ops 4’s campaign mode, he remained the director of its Zombies mode.

However, on Friday 28th February, Treyarch announced the news that Jason Blundell had stepped down from the company. This came alongside an official post to the subreddit r/CODZombies, where the developer had earned almost messianic status.

Might All Not Be As It Seems?

This comes after community speculation that Treyarch had removed Blundell from the company several months ago. The Co-Studio head had been suspiciously absent since the release of Black Ops 4, for which he also served as Game Director.

Blundell was incredibly active in the Zombies community, particularly throughout the tenure of Black Ops 3. He frequently appeared with Zombies YouTubers to reveal DLC’s and answer questions about the ever confusing Zombies storyline.

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However, this did not happen with Black Ops 4, which was rumoured to have had several behind the scenes problems, such as a planned campaign mode – that Blundell would have directed – being cancelled. Members of the community had speculated on Blundell’s potential firing from the studio since July of last year.

What’s more, this comes not long after the news that Treyarch will be developing Black Ops 5 as 2020’s Call of Duty title. Originally, Singularity developer Raven Software was set to develop a Cold-War setting CoD game that was reportedly having development issues. Activision enlisted veteran CoD developer Treyarch to take over the title last year.

Blundell had an important impact on Call of Duty‘s ever-popular Zombies game mode, originating the iconic Pack-A-Punch mechanic in World of War‘s Der Reise map. He remained heavily involved in the Zombies series until the controversial climax of the Zombies story in Black Ops 4.

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