Japanese Hit World For Two Finally Reaches Western Shores

Japanese Hit World For Two Finally Reaches Western Shores

PQube and developer Seventh Rank aannounced this week that stunning pixel art side-scrolling indie adventure World for Two is coming to Steam on 16th July, 2021! Some key highlights from our time with this sumptuous side scroller include;

  • Highly emotive and artistically stunning journey restoring life in a devastated world
  • Play as an android tasked with collecting genetic profiles and fuelling creation of life
  • Artistic 2D side scrolling adventure with breath-taking pixel art visuals
  • Harvest resources from living specimens to fuel your creation
  • Initially released for Japan only in 2019 with 8/10* reviews
  • 4 distinct biomes to populate with over 60 unique creatures
  • Unlockable ‘Chapter 0’ prologue mode and remastered soundtrack
  • Coming to Steam on July 16th, 2021!

 In World for Two, you will confront the astounding beauty and troubling consequences of creating life. In a world devastated by catastrophic events, PQube invites you to take on the role on an android, created to reintroduce life into the dying landscape in this stunning and heart wrenching side-scrolling adventure.

According to the devs, “a devastating catastrophe hits the world, and wipes out all living creatures. The sole surviving scientist, the Professor, works tirelessly for years, alone in the world – on you, his masterpiece – and together, you will reintroduce life to the dying ecosystem. Play as an android, discovering the cruel yet beautiful circle of life as you collect natural energy, genetic profiles and use the professor’s technology to create new life. Unravel a tender, emotive tale of life and love against the backdrop of a stunning and serene natural world.”

A Stunning Pixel Perfect World

Experience the emotionally stirring journey of an android created to bring back life to the dying world – changing desolate, barren wastelands to colourful and vibrant ecosystems, bursting with diverse life.

Bask in purely breath-taking, visual spectacles; from the Sun rising across a growingly vibrate landscape, the clouds gently rolling across the night sky, or the simple shape of your own reflection within the water.

With incredible detail and stunning pixel art environments, lose yourself in the serene and peaceful world as you rebuild.

Harvest the Plentiful Resources of this Lushious Landscape

The most vital resource in creating new life is natural energy – you’ll harvest energy right from the source as you gather Starflames, swirling concentrated masses of energy, as well as the DNA from the limited remaining living creatures.

Seek to understand their genetic patterns and sequence their unique biological profile to fuel further creation. The growing ecosystem attracts new life, species and colour to the dead landscape.

But, be prepared for the emotional burdens that creating life brings, as all life dies in the end.

Discover and Collect Fauna and Flora Alike

Travel across the 4 unique ecosystems and distinctive biomes – Bog, Forest, Dunes and Ruins. Each environment is capable of sustaining different forms of life, with a vibrant and extensive selection of flora and natural habitats.World for Two boasts an extensive list of creatures to recreate, with 60 organisms for you to collect through trial and error. Start with the lowly amoeba, and end with brightly coloured whales and manta rays.

World for Two

Unlockable Prologue

Once the main storyline has been completed, enjoy access to “Chapter 0”; a special prologue mode featuring new art and music.

Discover what happened before you were created, understand the Professor’s motivations and what devastating series of events lead the world down the harrowing path of destruction.

As an added bonus, players can also unlock the games’ main soundtrack remastered and played by a piano quintet.

Still not convinced? You can check out the World for Two announcement trailer below.

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World for Two will be availalbe onJuly 16th, on Steam, the price to be revealed later.