It’s Time To Resurrect Dune

It’s Time To Resurrect Dune

If, like us, your senses are emboldened at the slightest hint of good science fiction, then the recently announced Dune remake of the cult-classic surely has you excited. Eyes are widely peeled and closely following this highly anticipated project.

However, in the meantime fans can occupy themselves with the franchise’s repertoire of books, films, and (’cause this is Any Button Gaming), games – of course. But of the latter we haven’t heard anything for 2 decades, since 2001’s cancelled MMO/RTS hybrid: Dune generations.

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The Spice Must Flow

Dune II, and Dune 2000 in particular were major contributors to the golden age of the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre alongside Westwood Studio’s Command and Conquor, and Blizzard’s War/Starcraft franchises. We truly believe a return to form would have the potential to revitalize the franchise as an RTS mainstay. Especially considering that the average age of a gamer in the US is approximately 35 years old, we can guarantee that Dune has not been forgotten. Dune is a goldmine of untapped potential, just ripe and waiting for an explosive comeback in the right hands.

He Who Controls The Spice, Controls The Universe!

… Or Dune’s License

So before we get off our soap-box, we suppose our point is this: Give fans another Dune game. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be an RTS. It’s just long past overdue that this franchise made a return to the video game forefront.

Either way, best not worry too much about it not happening anytime soon. After all, fear is the mind killer. But enough about what I think, what are your hopes and dreams for the Dune Franchise, if any?

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