It’s Time for Some Founders’ Fortune News

It’s Time for Some Founders’ Fortune News

Since the Steam Early Access Release, the team behind Founders’ Fortune has been busy adding new features to the game. This is in addition to releasing updates every other month. 

Most recently the Family Update added Relationships, Children, and Aging to Founders’ Fortune

The newest update features:

  • Influence social relations between colonists for better or worse. These relationships range from “Nemesis” to “Love of their life”
  • New social interactions: joking, impressing, insulting, apologising, and more
  • Villagers can be annoyed at each other and refuse to talk to each other
  • Make sure the kids growing up in your colony are having a good childhood
  • Educate children so they have some professional skills when they become adults
  • Children don’t have expectations or jobs but require positive childhood happiness and education to grow up well
  • Upon growing up, villagers get new traits + education levels
  • Handle your villagers growing old
  • Search for the infamous Elixir of Youth

 If you haven’t yet, check out the previous updates we published after the Steam release:

The Architecture Update (Alpha 11)
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The Pirate+Modding Update (Alpha 10)
The Diplomacy Update (Alpha 9)
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The latest update will download automatically if you already own Founders’ Fortune on Steam. If you haven’t bought the game yet, it’s available on the website. You will get a Steam key with your purchase as well. 

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The team behind Founders’ Fortune is always open to feedback and suggestions, so let the team know in the forum what you think. Alternatively, sign up for the team’s Discord for up to the second updates.

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