June 27, 2022

Is Valve entering the streaming world with Steam.tv

First there was Twitch and then Mixer, now Steam has potentially added their hat in the ring of streaming sites with Steam.tv.  Is Valve hoping to take on the likes of Twitch and Mixer or are they just becoming an esports media outlet?

Earlier this week PC Gamer  received a tweet from Pavel Djundik.  It led them to a site which simply said “Welcome to Steam.tv”.  The site disappeared for a brief period and then reappeared to show a live stream of the 2018 DOTA 2 International.   Later a Valve representative explained: “We are working on updating Steam Broadcasting for the Main Event of The InternationalDota 2‘s annual tournament. What people saw was a test feed that was inadvertently made public.”

Does that mean that Steam.tv is only meant for esports events?  Or are they planning a future release of streaming capabilities to all content creators?  It’s not completely clear but a closer look at the site has revealed the following:

  • You can scrub through the stream, like you can on YouTube videos
  • Team fights are marked on the timeline for you to go directly to them if desired
  • You have the option to join the main chat or start a private chat with your Steam friends

Speculation in the industry is that, if Valve can provide reliable tools within the Steam client allowing the developers a lot of room to determine how their stream is viewed, this new site might just give Twitch a run for it’s money.  Of course Steam will also need to figure the monetization part out as well.

Check out the live stream at Steam.tv for yourself.

Do you stream your game play?  Would you consider switching if Steam.tv launches for everyone?  Let us know in the comments below.

Source:  PC Gamer and Gamerant

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