Is Microsoft Acquiring Another Game Studio?

Is Microsoft Acquiring Another Game Studio?

As Microsoft Studios seems to be collecting studios in preparation for the next console generation it looks like they are covering all bases. With studios such as Playground Games, 343 Studios and most recently Obsidian Entertainment joining the fold the future of Xbox looks secure.

But are they in talks with another studio? It looks like the a Microsoft Studio portfolio has at lease one more slot to fill.

A strange tweet from Twitter user @Klobrille today says Microsoft Studios is in talks to buy a new studio from under PlayStation’s nose.

Looking at @Klobrille‘s followers on Twitter it looks like he may be telling the truth. So who do you think the mystery studio is if it’s true? From Software, Platinum Games? Or is it just a rumour to get Xbox fans juices flowing?

Let us know in the comments and as always stay tuned to ABG.

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