June 30, 2022

Is Fortnite coming to Nintendo Switch?

Over the past week you may have heard rumours that Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch.  As a fan of the game and an owner of the Switch you may be very excited by this possible news; after-all it was released on mobile devices not that long ago.  But is the rumour true?

As E3 gets closer and closer there are always many leaks and speculations swirling regarding what games will be announced.  Fortnite and the Nintendo Switch are not immune to this.  So what rumours can you believe.  Last week a leak, originating from 4Chan, showing a photo of a document of Switch titles to be announced at E3, which included Fortnite, started to make the rounds of the internet and social media.

One leak does not mean that it’s true, however Gamespot, along with a number of other news sites, recently indicated confirmation of this rumour due to an entry on the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee database.  The entry specifically listed Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch.  Although this does not prove that the game will be announced for the Switch any time soon, the rating was published on June 1, indicates only Nintendo Switch and games must go through certifications by the ratings boards in each area before launch; so the rumour could be true.

With the additional information, it is difficult to not believe this rumour, however as Fortnite will have a booth at E3 we might just find out sooner rather than later.

Are you hoping the rumours are true, let us know in the comments and stay tuned for news of the E3 announcements.

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