May 16, 2022

Is a Resident Evil 4 Remake on the way?

Looks like Capcom are off to Spain during lockdown

Resident Evil 2 voice actor teases new project.

It’s still 2020, and if you were waiting for some good news, it’s that none of your favourite media really ever goes away for ever. The games industry has long delighted fans with re-releases and re-masters of popular titles, and in the last couple of years, technology has advanced enough to see full-on remakes of classics from yesteryear making triumphant returns. No one has nailed this trend more successfully than Capcom, as they reanimated zombie masterpieces Resident Evil 2 and 3 for a new generation.

Following the critical and commercial success of the first two, a continuation of the RE:Remake series would be little surprise to anyone, and now, the first sign has emerged that a new version of the highly acclaimed 4th entry in the series is on the horizon.

Voice actor Nick Apostolides, who played roundhouse-kicking rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy in the RE2 Remake of 2019, posted this shot to his twitter this week, expressing his excitement about a new project.

Gamecube classic

Of course, Leon is the main character in one of the most renowned titles, both in the RE series and of all time, Resident Evil 4, which originally came to Gamecube in 2005, and has been ported to almost every system possible since.

RE4 was a leap forward for the series when it first came out. It replaced the fixed camera angles and janky, tank-like controls of the earlier games with a more action-focussed style. It sported an over-the-shoulder camera which is still noted as as a benchmark for the entire 3rd person action genre. It’s fair to say the remake would need a lot less work, and therefore be a lot more similar to its predecessor than RE2 and RE3, but would surely still be a must-play thanks to the popularity of the original.

Nothing is certain yet, of course, with Apostolides’ other gaming credits including Life is Strange and Madden 21. However, thanks to the actor’s helpful hashtags, fans certainly seem hopeful they have guessed what he is up to.

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