May 22, 2022

Is a Dino Crisis Remake on the Way?

Around a month ago it emerged that Capcom had renewed their trademark for the now decades old Dino Crisis series. Now, thanks to a new rumour, fans are hoping that it’s only a matter of time before the Dino Crisis remake is officially revealed.

Despite the lack of any official announcement, a leak from a source with an increasingly accurate track record when it comes to Capcom has fans stirred up once again.

Gameplay from the original Dino Crisis.

AestheticGamer Leaks

The source, known as AestheticGamer, has leaked accurate Capcom news in the past – mainly to do with Resident Evil. A previous leak stated that development restarted on Resident Evil 8 as recently as mid-2019. Meaning the next full Resi sequel could still be some way off.

AestheticGamer went on to tease that Capcom is planning to reboot some of its other properties “in the same vein” as the Resi 2 & 3 remakes. These new titles will reportedly utilise the RE engine, and should be revealed “pretty soon.”

Gameplay from the original Dino Crisis.

Capcom Reboots as Far as the Eye Can See

One thing giving credence to the idea of an impending reveal is that Capcom has recently had members of its Resident Evil Ambassador Programme testing a new game. The last time Capcom did that, they announced Resident Evil 3 soon afterwards.

Capcom obviously has myriad franchises in its roster, but only a couple of them fit the bill of being similar enough to Resident Evil. Onimusha is a possibility, based on what we know so far, Dino Crisis is much more likely. Especially since its gameplay bears an uncanny resemblance to the original Resi games.

Fan Art of a possible Dino Crisis Remake.

A Dino Crisis

There have been rumours of a Dino Crisis remake circulated before, unfortunately amounting to nothing. And that’s certainly a possibility here. It could be that AestheticGamer was referring an entirely different property.

That being said, Dino Crisis would be the next logical step if Resi 2 & 3 style reboots are officially part of Capcom’s plan. Both in terms of gameplay similarity to Resi and the level of fan interest in a reimagining.

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