IO Interactive Having 75% Off Sale

IO Interactive Having 75% Off Sale

With the holiday season drawing closer by the day, you may be in the process of looking for some bargains. And, for that gamer in your life (hey, it might be you, we don’t judge), what better time of year than look for some sales?

If you haven’t already purchased the excellent Hitman remakes (those being Hitman & Hitman 2), now might be a great time to invest.

Developers io Interactive is currently having a massive (up to) 75% off sale. Amongst the sale items is a 75% off the RRP of Hitman Game of the Year Edition. Usually retailing at $59.99, the sale price is going for an impressive $14.99.

However, if you’ve already got Hitman, there’s plenty of other classic Hitman games to sate your appetite for contract killings. Hitman: Codename 47, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman Contracts, Hitman Blood Money, and Hitman Absolution are all 75% off.

  • Codename 47, which normally sells for $7.99, is at $1.99
  • Silent Assassin and Contracts go for $8.99 normally but are currently on offer at $2.24
  • Blood Money usually retails at $9.99 but you can pick it up for $2.49 and
  • Absolution is regularly priced at $19.99. However, its new price is a mere $4.99.

As you can see, plenty of excellent savings to be made for fans of the series or newcomers alike. It should be noted that the sale prices only apply to the game’s Steam Keys. For more information on the sale, and to purchase the games, head to the io Interactive store.

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