June 25, 2022

Introducing: Project R.I.P

Browsing through Steam sales the other day I stumbled upon something interesting. At the time of sale for $13.94 CDN/£8.30, a Singleplayer horde-shooter with focused vision: Project R.I.P.

From developer Storming Tech, the game is described as:

Welcome to Project R.I.P , control AI driven Agents in the battle against hordes of demons. Show your skills on the battlefield and on Global Leaderboards in this Singleplayer Horror Survival First Person Horde Shooter.

Steam description

I had the opportunity to reach out to Storming Tech and ask a few questions, the Developer was very forthcoming and a pleasure to speak with.

First off I inquired: how many people are involved in Project RIP’s Development, and how long has it been in the works? Storming Tech replied that:

“Project R.I.P or Rest In Pieces, has been in development stage for nearly a year by a single developer.”

Which I find highly impressive considering the graphical fidelity of the product and the short time frame. Sure there’s few maps for now, but Storming Tech assures players that more content is to come in the future.

I also asked about the visions and influences behind the project pre-development, and if that vision had been felt to be a realized.

“All game mechanics were started with the idea of a horde play adventure horror game. Well this changed on early days as it was clearly too hard for a single developer to achieve. Also VR and mobiles devices porting was always in mind, so Project R.I.P. has been developed mostly being a VR ready game. Multiplayer for those reasons hit a wall and finally we came with a more KF/DOOM style game using cross-platform scoreboard system. So apart from leaving multiplayer behind, we are more than happy with the release.”

Finally I asked if Project R.I.P could be considered a passion project for the developer, and what influenced them to create games for a living. They replied that:

“It’s our first shooter game, so yes a lot of passion and love has been put into it.”


“developing for us is not creating for living, but living is creating.”

Well said, Storming Tech

Overall, I picked it up for a good price and was fairly impressed, especially after finding out it was a one-man effort. I enjoy Project R.I.P for what it is, and you might too if Killing Floor and Doom styled gameplay are to your tastes.

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