On September 26, Epic Games took to Reddit to reveal that Custom Bindings will be coming to the title with the release of the V6.0 update.

Players will be able to go into their menu and assign tasks to certain buttons of their choosing.

The full announcement can be viewed below, with Season 6 of Fortnite: Battle Royale set to release on Thursday, September 27.

Custom Bindings – Fortnite Season 6


Aaron from Epic here to talk to you folks about controllers and our plans for enabling you to play how you want. Just on the horizon are Custom Controls landing in the v6.0 update, which will let you modify your setup as you wish!

**Custom Control Flow*\*

The way you’ll be selecting the configuration has changed to a selector on the left side of the menu. After selecting Custom, the right side of the menu becomes buttons that are selectable. When a button is clicked, it opens a list of actions that can be assigned to that button.

Mode selection (Combat, Build) has changed to selectable by triggers. When you’re in a mode, the actions for that mode and actions that span between modes will show in the actions list to select from.

The idea here is to make a system that is easy to use and can be built upon with more functionality in later releases, if needed.”

Images of the new custom controller binding menu can be viewed below.

Source : Reddit

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