May 22, 2022

Insomnia66 Has Been Cancelled

Unfortunately, the proposed upcoming Insomnia66 Gaming Festival has been cancelled. The culprit? The outbreak of the Coronavirus

Following a string of big-time cancellations, it appears that not even the UK gaming convention/event world is exempt.

Player1 Events has confirmed that the upcoming Insomnia66 event has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Insomnia was due to be held in the NEC in Birmingham, England over the Easter weekend. That’s 10th-13th April for anyone wondering.

Player1 Events commented saying:

“We appreciate this will come as a major disappointment but we want to ensure our priority is the welfare of our guests, exhibitors, staff, volunteers, and suppliers.

A lot of work from our very dedicated Insomnia family has gone into making this event happen and this outcome is far from what we envisaged”.

Thankfully, Player1 Events has noted that the next event, Insomnia67, will be held between 28th and 31st August in the NEC. Presuming nothing else comes up between now and then, of course.

For more information on Insomnia, including any further updates of Insomnia66, check out the official website.

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