May 22, 2022

Insider Leak Indicates E3 will Return in 2022

Industry insider Tom Henderson claims E3 is all but confirmed for June 2022, but will again use the digital format we saw last year

Those paying attention to the rumour mill will know that the outlook for E3 2022 has been, well, grim. Those in the know speculated that E3 2022 would not be a live event. Worse yet, some thought that, unlike 2021’s digital only show, E3 2022 wouldn’t happen at all.

But in the light of new infomation the good news is that the wild speculation is likely just that. Tom Henderson, renowed insider and purveyor of secrets, issued a tweet which claims he has details directly from the ESRB. According to the tweet, emails were distributed to game developers from the ESRB referrencing E3. The emails specifically say that it would be a digital only event.

You can see the tweet in question below.

Renowned know-it all Tom Henderson sheds light on this year’s E3

In all likeliness, whilst this is as yet unconfirmed by E3, Tom Henderson has a history of getting it right. He managed to accurately predict the reveal date for Call of Duty: Vanguard back in 2021. He also accurately predicted the concerns surrounding the launch of the GTA Trilogy Remastered.

It is, of course, great news if confirmed that E3 is going ahead this year. E3 has served as the cornerstone of the games industry for some time. It serves as the backdrop for some of the biggest games reveals out there, and a showcase for what the biggest industry players have in store for us in the years to come. But with usual June deadline looming close on the horizon, we’d expect to hear the official word in the near future.

Source; Gamerant

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