InsertCoin Closes 2021 Out in Style

InsertCoin Closes 2021 Out in Style

Our friends over at Insert Coin Clothing are back with its last release of the year!

Yes, as we look back on 2021, we can be sure of at least one thing; there was some great gaming merchandise to be had.

And this week is no different.

InsertCoin has a collection of four mugs to fill with your favourite hot beverage during these long, wintery nights. And, in typical InsertCoin tradition, these mugs will be perfect for the gamers in your life.

This week’s collection honours the legacy of Sony PlayStation. That’s right, there are four mugs available, each one dedicated to a different period of the iconic console’s history; PlayStation 1 through to the PlayStation 4.

Each one features a design from the amazing mural seen in the hub of Astro’s Playroom. There’s plenty of colour, nods, and Easter Eggs to your favourite console.

The PlayStation 1

PlayStation 2/PS Portable

PlayStation 3/PS Vita

and finally, PlayStation 4/PS VR

Each mug can be purchased individually, or as part of a set of four, or you could pick-and-choose between the designs.

The mugs are available to order from from 12 pm UK time on Tuesday 30th November. Order them today and get them in time for the Special Day.

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